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David Rappeneau aka "Prince Diamond" is an enigmatic painter. His exhibition « $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ » in 2014 and the link of his tumblr are the few things we know about him. With the help of tools such as acrylic paints and markers, he decided to show the youth as it is without any artifice. Being inspired by things surrounding him, helps the painter laying down on the canvas this "group"'s own codes, almost like Larry Clarke did with KIDS on the screens. Hypersexualization, drugs and relaxation : by capturing scenes of "everyday life" David Rappeneau wants to show teens enjoying their existence. Women usually denuded smoking cigarettes and men dressed up like most of the boys from the suburbs : Nike Air max, Adidas tracksuits and puffer coats. Moreover, there is a psychedelic and monotonous atmosphere emerging from the paintings, it might be caused by the use of dark colors in contrast to characters' pale appareance. David Rappeneau also plays with dimensions, angles (like the sensation of fisheye lenses). The exaggeration of some body parts also contribute to the "cartoonish" vision of the drawings.

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