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At the end of the 80's, a new movement emerged in Seattle. More than music, or some fashion trends, grunge was a lifestyle shared by the youth from this town. This sub culture from the north-west of the United States quickly turned into a virus contracted by kids worldwide.

At the time, Marc Jacobs' choice was misunderstood and rejected by the fashion editors. Especially Suzy Menkes who succeeded to create an "anti-grunge army", whose symbol was a "grunge is ghasthly" pins. All this controversy led to the cancellation of the entire collection.But Marc Jacobs also got fired after his first show for the brand. However, the Perry Ellis SS93 fashion show, will always be an important moment in history. The relationship between fashion world and the underground's been disrupted. We can easily claim for culture appropriation, when fashion designers use an ideologic movemement in order to sell it as an new trend.

« Marc sent me and Kurt his Perry Ellis grunge collection. Do you know what we did with it ? »

« We burned it. We were punkers – we didn’t like that kind of thing. »

-Courtney Love, July 2010 WWD

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