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99%IS is the brand of the south korean fashion designer Park Jong Woo aka "Bajowoo". Created in 2011 and based in Japan, his fashion show "Against great truth" SS17 occurred during the Seoul Fashion Week. It's during this event, announced just 24 hours before, that the fashion sphere realized the extent of the phenomenon. And Seoul's ability to determine next trends.

This collection directly inspired by the Korean youth, seems like a rebellion and a break with the traditional and conventional image of the country. Models walk smoking cigarettes or grabbing bottles of soju, some of them have plasters or bandages. We can't ignore the obvious inspiration from the Sex Pistols at the top of the english punk culture during the 60's/70's. Some inspirations Bajowoo's got from the European and Japanese underground. All over the show we see zips and leather, counterbalanced with some streetwear pieces associated to leopard and tartan prints.

“There is that whole 1 percent of culture that most people don’t care about, but to me and my friends, is our 99 percent."

Somehow this show helped change people's conception of south-korean fashion. Indeed, this violent affirmation of the culture seduced some important actors of the industry such as Guram Gvasalia or Suzie Menkes.

Xin x Suzy Menkes x Bajowoo x G-Dragon

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