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Name: Kimberley Denise « Little Kim » Jones

Birth date: July 11th, 1976

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY

Kimberley Jones was born on July 11th, 1979 in Brooklyn, she was nine years old when her parents divorced, at the time Kim and her brothers had to live with their father. Their mother was unable to keep them with her for financial reasons. Kimberley grew up in a difficult environment because of poverty, the dangers of the street and the orders of a strict and overprotector father. The young girl was agressive and stubborn, sometimes her altercations with her father were really violent. However, Kim knew she was destined for great things. She found her inspiration from her two rolemodels : Diana Ross and her mother who's always had a passion for fashion. She also always been around many artists due to her cousin and her neighborhood. During her adolescence, when her father get married another time and kicked her out, Kim ended up all by herself and had to huslte to survive. What she went trhough during that period of her life made her stronger and helped her develop her independence and self-confidence.

Kim's always been into rap. At the same moment she met Christopher Wallace aka 'Notorious B.I.G' a local rapper, who then became her mentor. A real musical alchemny which led to a love story. For the first time Kim found someone who believes in her and gives her the affection she needed, he's her bestfriend and her soulmate.

After she studied at the Brooklyn College Academy (like Nas and Foxy), Kim wanted to find a deal. So, after the success of « Ready to Die » in 1994, Junior M.A.F.I.A is created. The same year B.I.G get married with Faith Evans. Kim is now his mistress, and the victim of abuses. But, she still has a deep respect and love for him, indeed he made the promise that he would help the people he grew up with in Bedford Stuyvestant once he'll get famous. Junior M.A.F.I.A (which stands for Master At Finding Intelligent Attitude) was composed of Lil Ceasar, Chico Delvac, Nino Brown, Mc Klepto, Bugsy, Capone, Larceny, Trife and Little Kim. A second family loving and supporting her. Biggie used to say "Who ever write the best rhyme is getting on my record". And in 1995 Junior Mafia's debut album came out.

08/29/1995 - « Conspiracy » the album by Junior Mafia, Undeas Recording/Big Beat Records.

The album has been certified gold. Themes stay the same: sex, money and violence on productions made by Clark Kent and Daddy-O. The success was also due to singles like « I Need you Tonight » featuring Aaliyah, « Get Money » and « Player’s anthem » their first music video. During the recordings at the studio people who were there said that Kim was like someone else, her attitude and her raw lyrics will later be her trademark. It was clear that Biggie always saw Kim as his female version. « Hardcore » came out in 1996, an album pushing literally hip-hop boundaries.

“I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the shit Handle it like a real bitch” – Lil’ Kim (Big Momma Thang).

11/12/1996 – « Hardcore » the album by Lil’ Kim, Undeas Recording/ Big Beat Records.

This classic was originally titled « Queen Bee » and left its stamp on hip-hop history. On the cover, Kim is glamour and provocative, a bourgeois decoration is surrounding her, the aesthetic is controlled : roses, the bear skin, the fireplace and the furnitures are similar to an old boudoir.

The picture above comes from the original poster for the HARDCORE promotion in 1996. Lil’ Kim is doing her iconic « squat pose ». In a bikini and a leopard printed jacket, legs wide open showing her private part. Biggie said that "we have to sell sex because she's sexy". This poster also caused many murders in jail as Kim later said in her track « How Many Licks ?» "Niggaz do anything for a Lil’ Kim poster".

The solo album of Junior M.A.F.I.A 's firt lady was a success. Like we expected Kim is still very explicit and unfiltered. She's a woman competing with male rappers due to her honesty and insolence and by emulating their attitude.

In the intro, a man seems to masturbate while watching Kim having sex with another man. But sex references are also in tracks like « Big Moma Thang » : "I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the shit Handle it like a real bitch", « We don’t need it » and others allusions to anal sex. Lil' Kim is the ambassador of the « ghetto fabulous » movement, she likes fashion and luxury and wears brands like Moschino, Gaultier or Gucci. But nobody can't talk about the album without mentioning « Crush on you ». It was supposed to be a duo but the album version didn't include Kim's verse, she couldn't be at the studio at the time because she was pregnant and Biggie was the father of her child but unfortunately she later aborted.

The concept was the idea of her stylist Misa Hilton Brim, featuring Cease Kim's looks matched with the differents decors.

The single « No Time » featuring Puff Daddy featured in Billboard Hot 100 and others charts. The album is her victory.

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