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In the 70's, Punk appeared as a marginal movement, which fiercely rejected capitalism and a traditional society. The movement emerged in the United States and quickly became an international one, especially in the UK where the reckless youth drawn itself into it. In order to claim their belonging to this new wave, some people decided to start their own magazines : inside we could find band reviews or interviews, and also some unavoidable codes from punk culture. That new kind of fanzines quickly became a crucial way to spread the culture itself. Especially via a famous one called SNIFFIN'GLUE, which was clearly a witness of the movement evolution, by showing the strong bond between music and fashion. It's in 1976, at the age of 18 that Mark Perry decided to create his own fanzine, after attended a Ramons concert. That's why he naturally called it after the Ramons' song "Now I wanna sniff some glue". Like others teens he didn't have much money, indeed he created his fanzine in a 'DIY way', by using an old typewriter, a ruler and some pens. At first he published less than 50 copies of 6 pages, but vastly people asked for more : Perry used to sell like 15000 copies at the finest hours of the fanzine. Published until 1977, SNIFFIN'GLUE could be summarized as 12 publications essential to the development of the punk culture.

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