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IZUMI, this bad girl.


Izumi Suzuki was born on July 10th, 1949. She moved from her hometown to Tokyo in 1970 after her fanzine story received a mention in a literary contest run by the magazine Shōsetsu Gendai. Quickly after, she worked as a bar hostess, a nude model, a science-fiction novelist and an erotic actress using Naomi Asaka and Naomi Senkō as alias names. Suzuki was also known for being a member "Jenjo Saijiki" a theater troupe created by the famous japanese director and writer Shūji Terayama. During that time, Izumi got married to Kaoru Abe a japanese saxophonist, their tumultuous romance was adapted for the screen by Koji Wakamatsu in a movie called "Endless Watz"(1995)based on a book wrote by Mayumi Inaba in 1992. When the book came out in 1992, Izumi's 16-years-old daughter sued Inaba for invasion of privacy. In 1978, Izumi's husband Kaoru Abe died from a drug overdose, one can suppose that the loss of her lover had a huge impact on Suzuki. Indeed, she hung herself 8 years later at the age of 37. Muse of photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, their collaboration gave rise to more than 130 photos brought together in a photobook published in 2002: IZUMI, this bad girl.

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