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Pol Taburet is a French artist of Guadeloupean origin, who graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC).

Taburet's paintings are an ode to his childhood and carribean background, including strong references to Antiquity and the Quimbois religion. Those myths and beliefs, often derived from the oral tradition, constitute memories and experiences that he tends to mobilize in his art. In fact, we notice abstract bodies morphing into animal entities and fantastical creatures. His intuitive creative process is materialized through vivid and deep colors contrasting with the darkness of his canvas. Indeed, we witnessing a constent tension between a physical environment full of hope and possibilities and an unconscious world symbolizing the traumas of the past and the wounds of time.

Pol Taburet's paintings seem to be a portal between a tangible world and a universe filled with chimeras. A mystical and spiritual approach to art, made possible thanks to various mediums (canvas, sculptures, etc...) and creative tools (airbrush, acrylic, etc.). His highly distinctive compositions emphasize the importance of symbolism and narrative in his work. We can't deny the influence of artists such as Francisco de Goya, Francis Bacon and Georges Condo in his work, as well as codes borrowed from American hip-hop culture highlighted by the presence of strippers or the use of grillz for example.


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