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The Aggressives is a documentary directed by Daniel Peddle and released in 2005. It took place in New York City and it started in 1997. The Aggressives follows the life of six queer POCs: Marquise, Kisha, Chin, Rjai, Octavio and Trevon.

The film delivers their very own visions and questionning about race, gender, labels and sexuality. Through their eyes, we get to witness what their life is about on the daily basis and the hardships they go through. The film received many praises when it came out, indeed the documentary is a statement raising several issues within our society but it showed also the LBTQIA+ community in a different light that the one showed by mainstream media at the time.

"I first saw Marquise Vilsón in the iconic queer documentary The Aggressives, which was one of the first pieces of digestible media in which I saw Black masculinity through an authentic lens of transness" - Kai Isaiah Jamal on Marquise Vilsón.

The cast of "The Aggressives" shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Jason Farrer in GANG BANG, Vogue Hommes International Fall/Winter 2001-2002.


"The Agressives" series by Jason Florio, 2000.


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